Artist Statement

I was born in Devon and live in the Blackdown Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

As a child, art was a passion of mine and I would lose myself for hours painting or sketching but it is not something that was ever encouraged as a career so over time it faded away as the job of adulting took hold.

Several years ago, when the children had grown and I had more time on my hands, the longing to create returned and I picked up the brushes once again. I thought I was reconnecting with a hobby, but I actually have a burning desire to create constantly and have remodelled my life and now art can take prominence once again.

I adore colour and the great outdoors, both of which can frequently be found in my paintings. Art, for me, is an exploratory and educational process in which I not only learn about my subject, but I learn about myself as well.  I love to make art that evokes a feeling in me and those that gaze upon it.

My art, both originals and prints, can be found in homes and businesses across the UK and Europe.

Please get in touch with any enquiries for commissions.

I can also provide a framing service for all originals and prints if required. 


Journey to me

After three decades of being lost in a bewildering and limited place, I finally found a clear path.

My ‘journey to me’ collection depicts some of the emotions I have experienced thus far on my journey. The world around me has gone from a desolate and desperate place to one that has opened up and blossomed, it has been wonderful to experience and to paint.

My hope is that my art helps others reconnect with their inner child and their emotions regardless of their past.